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Trimaran, Sail-Row/Paddle-Cruise, also for the Race to Alaska

I’m now focused on a new trimaran – currently building and planning to use in the R2AK.Profile & Sections

Top View & Chines


She’s 19 feet long, 14 foot beam (with amas out for sailing, under 6 feet with amas in).  She has small cabins fore and aft, a center cockpit.  I expect she’ll weigh under 400 lbs including all sailing, rowing and paddling gear and a small solar power system for electronics.  Maxim design displacement is 1000, though I expect to keep it under 900 lbs in normal circumstances.

She’s stitch and glue construction – 3 mm Okoume with 6 oz fiberglass/epoxy on the outside of the hulls (plus a layer of 4 oz from high chine to high chine on the vaka), 4 oz fiberglass inside the hulls and 4 oz outside the topsides.

Akas fold to bring amas in close to the vaka for rowing, docking, transport, etc.  Waterline beam of the vaka is under 22 inches.  Cabins are 35 inches wide at shoulder height (sitting on the bottom of the hull) and have shelves and mesh pockets for storage.  The cockpit area is 27 inches wide to facilitate using a double bladed kayak paddle.

Upwind sail will be about 260 square feet split between main (easily reefed) and genoa (also with one reef) – full sail only in light winds.

I expect to have her on the water sometime in April – in time for sea trials, modifications, experimentation and cruising for at least a month before the race to Alaska.

  1. Bret Magnuson permalink

    I would love to see pictures of the finished boat. From the design it looks to be pretty awesome

  2. Donnally King permalink

    Can you keep the sliding seat rowing station?

  3. Yes, but it wasn’t worthwhile. About to start R2AK 2017, 2nd stage. Not time for more now.

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