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R2AK, 7/4, 2:30pm

July 4, 2016

Turnpoint’s recent facebook post was interesting.  Brandon wrote of 24-foot Felix keeping up with the large, fast tri’s and monos, EXCEPT going against strong winds and rough conditions in the Strait of Georgia and Johnstone.  In those conditions the bigger, heavier tri’s have an advantage.  Brandon writes of working on that (going fast to weather in heavy conditions).

Colin Angus, now beyond Bella Bella, has a 2-day lead over Liteboat, the next under-20 (Vantucky had to stop for repairs in Port Hardy).  AND, Colin is far behind Turnpoint’s speed.

I continue to wonder if a small (under 20), light weight (under 300 lbs fully rigged) tri (full-on racing/cruising with amas as long as the main hull and overall beam at least 75% of length) could match or exceed Felix’s speed (particularly against the wind in heavy conditions).  I think it might.  For the R2AK it would need good human powered speed and a very capable crew as well.  With a small but comfortable sleeping cabin, I think it would easily outrun any of the solo and under-20 boats this year (with solo crew).  With a 2-person crew it might be even faster if they could keep going 24-7.


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