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R2AK, 6/28, 10am

June 28, 2016

Good morning race fans.

Mad Dog continues its substantial lead, now about nine hours.

It’s interesting that the next 2, Jungle Kitty and Madrona are both mono’s, and rather close together.

Not too much farther behind are multi’s: Bad Kitty, Un-Cruise, MOB, Pure and Wild, and Turn Point – all in Johnstone, having made it around the corner and now heading west – 2 cats and 3 tris.

Ain’t Brain Surgery approaches Seymour where the tidal current is running against them.  It will be interesting to see if they can make it though very long before slack at 1pm.  Golden Oldies is taking a break in Campbell River (waiting for the tide change?).  Fly and Hot Mess will probably get through Seymour during the coming tide cycle as well.

Salish Express is along the west side of Texada, with Lost Boys just south of Lasqueti.

Angus, now 15th overall, is leading the solo and under 20 fleets.  He appears to have taken a break at the east end of Gabriola last night, off again early this morning and moving well.  He’s pulled well ahead of the other small and solo boats.



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