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R2AK trimaran

February 24, 2015

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It seems time to update!  This winter I’m focused on building a new sail/row/cruise trimaran that I’ll use in the Race to Alaska and, if all goes as I imagine, live and cruise aboard, possibly for years.  She’s 19 feet long, about 14 beam (amas out for sailing).  I expect her to weigh under 400 lbs. complete with all sailing and rowing gear and solar power system for electronics.  Maximum design displacement is 1000 lbs. (and usual cruising/racing displacement will be under 900 lbs.).

She’s stitch and glue, using 3 mm Okoume with 6 oz fiberglass/epoxy outside the hulls (plus an extra layer of 4 oz from high chine to high chine on the vaka) and 4 oz fiberglass inside the hulls and outside on the topsides.  A small amount of 6 mm Okoume is used for the cockpit floor and side decks.  There’s a little Kevlar and carbon fiber in key places for strength.


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  1. Salute Scot…Just go ahead…

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