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Sail/Row-Paddle/Cruise-Race Trimaran Drawings

November 1, 2014

Profile & SectionsTop View & Chines Sail Plan Concept


From → Sealark

  1. This new Trimaran sure looks good. It looks like it will sleep two in reasonable comfort. Do you have any idea when you should have her built? Please keep me posted.

    • I expect to be on the water sometime in April and competing in the Race to Alaska in June. The design has changed a little, but not too much. As built, in my case at least, is always a bit different.

  2. Dr. Tim permalink

    I thought you said you are selling your Marsh Duck because you live too far from your cruising ground and it was difficult to transport it 200 miles… So why are you making another boat?

    • Since I don’t own a car and don’t want to change that, I came to the conclusion that my next boat should be small enough to haul back and forth over the passes behind my bicycle OR big enough and of a nature that I would be happy to live and travel aboard her for years at a time. The trimaran I’m now building is the latter. I’d been leaning in that direction for more than a year (looking at the idea ever since my 3 month cruise on the Marsh Duck). The Race to Alaska stimulated the decision to build it this winter. If all goes as I imagine, I’ll rent my little house and spend the next few years living and traveling on the tri. Alternatively, if I find, after the race and a summer of cruising, that it’s not what I want to do, I’ll probably sell the tri and build a smaller boat (a sort of mini-Marsh Duck) that I can more easily tow behind my bicycle . . . Ideas, possibilities, options, experiments . . . I seem to be somewhat hooked by boat design – which for me results in boat building, followed by the really fun part of cruising . . .

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